A short platformer game made in ten days for @LoafeeBuns' birthday, based on her Geometry Dash inspired personifications and lore.

The extreme insane moderately tough (but very handsome) demon Nine Circles is undergoing some intense training! Can you help him master his abilities and survive the countless trials he must face? I dunno, maybe.

Control notes:

  • 100% playable on mobile! (but a little buggy, inputs may get stuck)
  • Arrows keys, WASD, and IJKL are all supported for movement
  • ZX, or Shift can all be used to dash (once unlocked)
  • Press P or Tab (or esc, but that closes fullscreen) to pause
  • Press R to retry
  • Press to mute music
  • Press F4 to toggle fullscreen


  • Lead design, programming, level design, sound effects, and more: Colon
  • Character pixel art, animations, and credits doodles: NillieVBF
  • Background music: Mudstep
  • Background art: NetBa
  • Programming help: Giacomo
  • Game logo, most GD icons: JordanTRS
  • Extra design help + lore gathering: Nekubus
  • Geometry Dash belongs to RobTopGames

Note: There is a chance that audio might be buggy on the web version of the game. You can download the offline/standalone version below.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(91 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


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i love gd colonge


Amazing game, but there seems to be this glitch that shoots you upwards after exiting the wave.

fun game, gd cologne never fails to impress

it takes 5 hours to load


Nice game. Level 8, 9 and 10 were difficult but the right difficulty, like I could get 1 jump farther each time I tried until I could win.

I love gd cologne

its great but the collision for the floating thing in level 6 is so small, several times i was in it holding shift and it didnt register, unless im doing it wrong


the crazy thing is that it'll probably be possible to recreate this entire game in 2.2

Cool game but needs balancing

Stuck at level 10, but cool game! I like the mechanics and it's not incredibly hard (except level 10 lol). The only thing I don't like is that you fall too much fast, even if you know what to do the time window is very small, in my opinion.  Also I don't mind the bouncy things changing color, but sometimes they appear red or black and it blends with the background, so it's hard to see them.


Can i install it in mobile

cuzc I don't have my laptop now

Just run the game in the website if you dont have mobile data then connect to somewhere run the game and keep the tab open


I clicked the wave orb and it launched me in the air through this platform and landed on it and somehow survived like I could move on It but when i jumped i died idk how this happened


to ahsghgr4d




level 10 isnt hard enough

game isn't too difficult but in lvl 7 I can't dash again when first encountering the lil wave things that shoot u up in the sky, and since only dash activates  the wave thing, im not sure how to bounce through the 4 wave things together to diagnol through the spikes

Nevermind i figured out you have to hold dash down and it'll automatically continue it 

(1 edit)

stuck on level 4




(1 edit)

I can't figure it out, help pls


nice game but level six is too hard , cant get past

bro really cool game level 10 had that kaizo mario feel pretty good

does anyone have a level 10 playthrough? I beat all other levels and i can consistently do half of level 10 but there is a part i keep getting stuck on

this completion isn't mine, but heres the video:


i'm having treacherous problems with thi

i love the piano nine circles remix lol

too hard :(



Lv. 10 is made of pain

Slaughterhouse is destroying m

oh cool everythings red. good thing im colorblind


why it look like geometry dash in thumbnail


It's based off of the GD level Nine Circles

this is remind me of nine circle


The game is based off of it

Do you think you could add a speed run timer not just for the levels but also for the entire run? Thanks!


Ever heard of LiveSplit?


Hey Colon! I have this bug where after you dash once, you can't dash again. Please fix it!


It also feels like it has a delay. Please fix the delay too!


not a bug

when you kill an icon, that's when you can do it again


insane demon gg

GG slaughterhouse (rebeat) took me like 30m ig so ye

also I play gd




I'm loving this, but I keep pressing dash before turning which cancels the momentum, would you consider adding a period where the dash is still effective? I think I'm pressing both at the same time but the dash is registering first

this is really cool and good but i have spent an hour on midnight killer and it is making me TOO ANGY AND FRUSTATED!!! so i will return to this soon....

i did it!! now i can't pass slaughterhouse lol

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